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We make credit purchases simple & affordable!

With eShagi, you can get an instant loan or shop at any of your favourite stores across Zimbabwe and pay in affordable monthly installments.


A Fresh Approach

We create magic for traditional banks and microfinance companies. eShagi provides you with a hassle free way to access affordable credit and the freedom to spend whenever and wherever you choose.

Through our cutting-edge technology, we're transforming the way credit and financial services are delivered to millions of underserved people in Zimbabwe and Africa. eShagi is serving customers in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Kenya and South Africa; and we're still growing.

Why We Are Cool

Why choose eShagi

Here is why more than 1000 of our customers across Zimbabwe love and trust eShagi.

100% Online Process

No need to vist our office, complete paper forms or photocopy ID's.

Affordable Installments

Choose to pay back our loans or credit in 1 to 60 months.

Everyone's Welcome

We provide credit to both civil servants and the private sector.

Web & Mobile

Easily apply and mange your account via web or mobile app.

Quick Approval

We'll approve you loan or credit in under 30 minutes.

Spending Freedom

You can shop on credit from over 1000 retail stores across Zimbabwe.

Application Process

How it Works

Below is our loan application process, the process is completed with 3 steps to get your loan approaved and dibursed.

We follow 3 steps to get your Salary/Store loan to you.


Apply here or via WhatsApp

Simply apply here or contact our team on WhatsApp to start your application. Please ensure you have your ID, payslip and employment details in hand. Once complete, you will have a pre-approval in under 30 minutes


Submit ID & KYC details

Submit a selfie, picture of your ID, latest payslips to complete our online Know Your Customer (KYC) and Electronic credit agreement. Once done, grab a coffee. We will now complete our checks and final approvals.



Voila! Your funds are ready. You can now request a fund payout to your designated bank account, get a shopping card and grab that new TV from your favourite store.



How much do you need?

Loan Affordability Calculator

Our Loan Products

What we offer

Whatever your borrowing needs, we have an affordable credit product for you.


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